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Edward “Doc” Finstein is the world renowned “Wine Doctor”

Edward Finstein is a wine writer, award-winning author, TV & radio host, international wine judge, wine educator, lecturer, appraiser, consultant and tour guide.

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Wine Services

Dedicated wine knowledge and professional wine services

The Wine Doctor is dedicated to wine knowledge and offers a full range of professional wine services.

  • Wine List Consultation
  • Appraisals
  • Judging
  • Writing
  • Wine Commentaries
  • Guided Tours
  • Lectures
  • Staff Training

Wine Tastings

Custom Tailored For You

The Wine Doctor creates & conducts tasting events suited to all your particular needs. Increase your wine knowledge, sharpen your tasting skills, learn how to evaluate wine quality and match wine to food.

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Doc’s Grapevine


Presentation of Cork

Did you know that the historical reason the waiter or sommelier in a restaurant gives you the cork when the bottle is opened is to prevent fraud? The presentation of the cork... continue reading


Climate Change and Natural Disasters

It’s no secret that climate change is affecting our weather, changing what grapes can grow in what places. Weather is also more severe. Stronger storms (rain and snow) are damaging vineyards. This... continue reading